Why to not select 'Today' with the date picker

At the moment we do not recommend selecting 'today' when choosing a visit range. This is due to the way data is delivered to Attribution from our ad partners. 

Attribution will pull spend & click data from your campaigns automatically at midnight each night. Most of our partners require up to a 24hr resolution period prior to providing the data. 

For this reason, it is important to note that the spend & click data will always be one day behind and it is best to look at date ranges from the past up on till yesterday. 

For example, if today is January 30th 2019, it is best to look at data from whatever past date you wish, up until January 29th 2019 or yesterday (if today is January 30th) to have the most accurate spend data. 

If you do choose 'today' in your date range you will see the following warning below: 

Along with this you are unable to select a date range prior to when your Attribution snippet was installed. 

The latest date range you are able to select is when the first visits were recorded in Attribution, this is why you cannot select a date prior to your installation of Attribution. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this article please feel free to reach out to  Support@attributionapp.com