You are welcome to integrate with Hubspot as one of your conversion platforms by going to Settings > Conversion Integrations > Hubspot > Connect

Connecting Attribution app with Hubspot will allow data to transfer seamlessly between the two tools. 

Contacts in Hubspot

When you generate leads or create Contacts in HubSpot it is required that you identify() users with the email attribute set and matching your HubSpot Contact email.

After contacts created in HubSpot will be automatically tracked in Attribution app as identified visitors, this means Hubspot contacts will be automatically identified in Attribution app using the contact's full name and email address. 

Attribution app will also track changes to contacts as events like changes in 'lifecycle stage' and 'lead status' automatically. 

Deal tracking & conversions

Attribution app will track any changes to a deal in Hubspot as a event. If a deal is marked as 'won' in Hubspot, Attribution app will consider this a 'conversion event with revenue' and use the 'deal value' in Hubspot as revenue for that conversion. Attribution App will use this conversion event to calculate return on ad spend. If you'd like to send a refund you would simply need to make the deal value a negative value by adding a minus in front like '-$200'

Tracking visitors

If you choose to integrate Hubspot with Attribution app all of your Hubspot pages will be automatically set up for tracking visitors. 

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