If your team uses Salesforce you can automatically integrate with Attribution app to begin tracking your return on ad spend using Salesforce conversions. 

First, your Salesforce edition must have REST API Access enabled, this is true for the following versions:

  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. Unlimited Edition
  3. Developer Edition
  4. Performance Edition

Tracking contacts

After you've connected you will need to allow Salesforce to show lead history. To do this you can follow the steps below: 

SetupObjects and FieldsObject ManagerLeadFields & Relationships → Set History Tracking finally check "Enable Lead History", check "Lead Status" and click "Save" images below: 

Once this is complete your changes to leads will be tracked as events in Attribution app. 

All of the changes to your opportunities in Salesforce will be tracked as events in Attribution as well, changes that include revenue like 'deal won' will be tracked as a 'conversion event with revenue' and be used to calculate return on ad spend. 

Connecting Salesforce

Once you've completed the steps above you can connect Salesforce with Attribution app by going to Settings > Conversion Integrations > Salesforce > Connect.

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