If you are not tracking 'revenue' from any other conversion event you are welcome to connect your Stripe account to track payments as conversion events with revenue. 

Prior to connecting Stripe you will need to make sure that you are already manually identifying visitors with a 'email' trait. You can learn more on this here and should refer to the 'installing Attribution app' guide for further instructions. 

This is critically important because the identify() call will allow you to identify visitors of your site by email address and this email address will then be used for comparison in Stripe to confirm the proper visitor. 

Tracking events

Attribution app tracks every event that happens in Stripe (see full list) and translates them into Conversion Events. Revenue is tracked by the Charge Succeeded event and refunds are deducted from LTV.

Connecting Stripe

Step 1: Sign into Attribution and Visit the Settings Page. Then click the link to connect Stripe.

Step 2: Click "Sign In With Stripe to Connect" to begin the process.

Step 3: Sign into Stripe with your account credentials. Note, you are signing in directly on the Stripe site, and if you have 2-factor authentication enabled, you will have to complete that step as well.

Step 4. If you have more than one Stripe account, you can choose the correct one in the dropdown. Otherwise, simply click the blue "Connect My Stripe Account" button!

Step 5. You're all set! You should now see the confirmation dialog. Just click finish!

Finally please be aware that Attribution app does not write or make changes to Stripe!

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