Users are welcome to integrate Attribution app with Google Ads via oAuth, or one click integration. 

After integrating Attribution app & Google Adwords, Attribution app will automatically pull in all the spend related to your Adwords campaigns and sort them into a single Adwords channel. 

The spend for these campaigns will be used by Attribution App to calculate profit on your dashboard. 

Attribution app will show you data on your Google campaigns down to the keyword level. 

How to connect

Step 1: Make sure auto-tagging is turned on for Google Adwords. To enable follow these instructions. This will allow Attribution app to add a 'gclid' parameter to track the effectiveness of your ads.
Step 2: Go to Settings -> Ad Integrations -> Google -> Connect


Now Attribution app will pull in spend data for each campaign and also track how many visitors arrived to your tracked sites from each specific campaign. 

A note about timezones:
When you connect Google Adwords, Attribution app will use the timezone set in your Adwords account.  This keeps the spend and visitor count consistent with your Adwords dashboard.  

Attribution app recommends you use the same timezone for all your advertising and analytics services. 

If you connect both Adwords and Facebook and each use different timezones, Attribution app will default to the Adwords timezone.  This will not affect the accuracy of reporting, but it will prevent the numbers from your Facebook dashboard from matching the numbers in Attribution.

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