Users are welcome to integrate Attribution app with LinkedIn via oAuth, or one click integration. 

After integrating Attribution app & LinkedIn, Attribution app will automatically pull in all the spend related to your LinkedIn campaigns as filters and sort them into a single LinkedIn channel. 

The spend for these campaigns will be used by Attribution App to calculate profit on your dashboard. 

How to connect

Attribution app supports auto-tagging on your Text Ads and Sponsored Content. 

If auto-tagging is turned on in LinkedIn, Attribution app will automatically ad a 'licid' parameter to the end of your Text Ads and Sponsored Content URL's. This is a efficient and reliable method for tracking ads.

The URL would look like this: **

Your other parameters will not be effected by this. 

For InMail you can add a tracking parameter like, utm_campaign=[your unique identifier] manually then create a filter for this parameter on your dashboard. 

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Ad Integrations -> LinkedIn -> Connect 

A note about shortened URLS:
If you are using url shortener for your links Attribution app won't be able to tag them properly. Also any links inside text content of Sponsored Content can not be tagged. 

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