Users are welcome to integrate Attribution app with Twitter Ads via oAuth, or one click integration. 

After integrating Attribution app & Twitter Ads, Attribution app will automatically pull in all spend, visits, and conversions from your Twitter Ads campaigns. 

The spend for these campaigns will be used by Attribution App to calculate profit on your dashboard. 

Attribution app supports auto-tagging on your:

  1. Promoted Tweets
  2. Twitter Cards

Attribution app will track links that you post in your tweets. 

Be aware that Twitter automatically shortens your URL in a tweet. For example see below:

The link here : 

Would be shorted to:

See an example below of what a Twitter ad URL would look like with the Attribution app auto-tag: 

Notice the '?twcrid' parameter at the end added automatically by Attribution app. 

How to connect

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Ad Integrations -> Twitter Ads -> Connect

Something to note:
If you have promoted a tweet in one campaign, do not promote the same tweet in other campaigns. Twitter will not update the link for tracking purposes when you add a tweet to additional campaigns. If there are multiple campaigns per tweet, Attribution won't be able to tell to which campaign the link belongs to when someone visits your site.

Native Mobile Tracking:
Due to limitations in the Twitter API, Attribution currently DOES NOT support native mobile clicks and install tracking. Contact us if you would like us to introduce you to one of our integrated mobile tracking partners.

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