Attribution aims to bring clarity into a world of chaos. As marketers we have experienced a number of times how difficult it is to track true return on ad spend from our channels in a multi-touch environment. 

With this in mind we set out to create a product that could be easily deployed and easily monitored. Below we will discuss some of the reasons why we believe Attribution app is a superior multi-touch attribution platform.  

1. High Fidelity Data

Every single number in Attribution app can be tracked against your ad spend and conversion database. Attribution app provides insights right on the dashboard. Attribution app also boasts the most native integrations of any multi-touch attribution platform and can pull in almost any ad or conversion software's data automatically. 

2. True Return on Ad Spend metrics 

Attribution seeks to answer the question, "After spending $xx on my ads, what was my return?" we do this by using our propriety look forward model in conjunction with one of our five out of the box multi-touch attribution models.

To add, with the Attribution cohort tool you will receive unique charting analytics to see the life time value of your ads. 

Attribution is fully 'multi-touch' - when a purchase is made, we divide credit between each touchpoint that influenced the purchase decision. We divide credit based on the attribution model you choose: time decay, linear, first touch, or last touch.

3. Simplicity 

Attribution is easy to set up! With only a few clicks you'll be up and running with all your data being pulled in from your ad channels. You can easily adjust the attribution model applied with dropdown menus and quick changes in settings. Additionally, Attribution automatically tracks Organic and Social traffic broken down into categories for each search engine and social network. Finally you are also welcome to define custom traffic sources by URL path, referrer, or any combination of UTM tags or URL params. See all your Ad spend, conversions, and revenue in one place!

4. Get the full customer story 

Attribution is the only platform that pulls your cost data from ad platforms, correlates that cost to specific users, then tracks revenue from those users over time. Our model is based on people, not devices, so you can seamlessly track customers across multiple devices, phones, and apps. 

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