Company or Account based attribution is an additional paid feature within Attribution app that will allow you to combine the cost, revenue, visits & conversion data of multiple users of the same company.

This feature is particularly valuable if you provide a product or service that involves multiple opinions of people from the same company prior to purchase. 

For example, lets say you sold branded socks to large corporations. A associate at ABC company is browsing Google for branded socks and clicks on your Google Ad, though she is interested, she cannot confirm the purchase until her manager approves. She then emails the manager a link to your website, which he views and passes along to his accounting department for approval. The accountant sees the ad, takes a day to approve and returns via a Facebook Ad to make the purchase. 

In this scenario, with Account/Company based attribution enabled, all these visits, clicks, and revenue will be combined into one data set for ABC company allowing you to see your return on ad revenue for particular companies that use your product or service.

Note: You will still be able to see each visitor's particular journey if you drill down into the specific visitor.

Important Notes about this feature:

To use this feature you must include a companyId trait in your Attribution.identify() calls. An example of this would appear as follows:

Attribution.identify('00812938', {    
email: '',  
firstName: 'Bob',  
id: '00812938', // Note: redundent, just here as example  
lastName: 'Slydell',  
name: 'Bob Slydell',  
companyId: 'ABC company'

Please keep in mind that a Attribution.identify() call should exist whenever a user signs up, signs in, or identifies themselves in some way.

Finally, please be aware that enabling this feature may cause the dashboard to take a little more time to load. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this article please feel free to reach out by starting a chat! 

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