What is ITP?

Safari browsers are currently subject to Apple's latest release which included a machine learning module that allows for 'Intelligent Tracking Prevention.' This update aims to limit the amount of time third party cookies can remain with visitors using the Safari browser. These rules mostly apply to companies that are tracking cross-domain with cookies for a performance benefit of their site. The article here goes a bit more in depth on the restrictions. 

How does this apply to Attribution and your tracking? 

Attribution works a bit differently and doesn't rely solely on third party cookies, instead Attribution relies on a mix of localStorage and cookies. Attribution also does not use cross-domain tracking for the benefit of our site, but instead the benefit of tracking your Ad channel's return on investment. 

In the case of identified visitors Attribution will look for a cookie, localStorage, and user_id to triple check the visit, however there can be a bit of a grey area for anonymous visitors where ITPs machine learning module may flag a cookie and purge it. That being said, this is very infrequent and often does not account for a significant portion of Safari visitors. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns on this please feel free to start a chat by clicking the chat icon to the top right of your screen. 

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