When looking through your unsegmented traffic filter you may notice some clicks from Google and wonder why they are not automatically filtered into your Google channel. 

This happens due to 'unresolved gclids' which means Google is yet to send Attribution app full detail on the click. As time passes these clicks will become resolved and the data will correct on your dashboard. 

Unresolved gclids can occur for a few reasons: 

  1. Gclids are captured when the pageview event is fired and need to be resolved by google before being sent to Attribution app which can take up to 48 hours
  2. Gclids can exist for visitors who came to your pages prior to connecting Google Ads with Attribution app and may not be resolved. This is because the gclid parameter is generated on the first ad seen and not always clicked.  More on this here.
  3. Some gclids might be not resolved at all because they are considered spam, clickbait or fraud by google

It is common to see less than 1% of gclids being unresolved. If the number is higher than this it is best to reach out to support by starting a chat using the 'chat' icon to the top right of your dashboard. 

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