By default you will see a channel on your dashboard called 'Organic'

Visits will be considered 'organic' if their destination URL does not include any parameters. 

For example, a visitor who goes to and types in 'attribution app' would have the referring source, and the destination link '' this would be considered organic. 

However, if the visitor went to and clicked on one of your google ads the destination link would appear as something like, '' due to Attribution app auto-tagging the 'gclid' parameter, and this would not be considered organic and instead would be filtered on your dashboard in your Adwords channel. 

To sum this up, any destination link that does not include parameters would be considered organic, while any destination link that does include parameters would be either filtered on your dashboard or unsegmented

If you have any questions or concerns with this please do not hesitate to start a chat by clicking the question mark icon to the top right of your screen. 

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