After connecting your Facebook Ad account with Attribution app you may get some errors. 

You can see these errors by going to Settings -> Ad Integrations -> Facebook, there you will find a red warning triangle. 

After clicking the triangle you will get more details on your errors. 

If you see the error above 'OAuthException: Permission error, code 200' this means the Facebook account you have connected to Attribution app does not have permission to access the Instagram ads associated. 

To correct this you will need to add Instagram to the connected Facebook account in Business Manager or connect the account with the highest permissions. 

To add a instagram account you can follow the instructions below: 

  • To add an Instagram business account to your Business Manager, you must have the username and password for the account.
  • The Instagram business account you’re trying to add can’t be owned by another business. Instagram business accounts can only be claimed by one Business Manager.
  • Only admins can add Instagram business accounts in the Business Manager.
  • If your Instagram business account is linked to a Facebook Page, you should add both your Facebook Page and Instagram business account to the same Business Manager. Learn how to add a Page to your Business Manager.

To associate an ad account with an Instagram business account, the ad account and Instagram business account must already be in the same Business Manager. You can't associate ad accounts to Instagram business accounts in a different Business Manager.

Add an Instagram account to your Business Manager

To add an Instagram account in your Business Manager:

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click Instagram Accounts.
  4. Click + Add.
  5. Enter your Instagram username and password. Click Next.
  6. Select the ad accounts and Pages you'd like to assign and click Next.

Once this is complete you should reconnect with Attribution app to see the permissions removed. 

If you get the error 'Explain: The 191x100 crop key for image ads is deprecated.. The 191x100 crop key will no longer be available in the newest Ads API version. The recommended crop key will be 100x100'

This is related to the crop size of your images in your Facebook link ads. 

If you adjust your ads crop key to 100x100 then disconnect and reconnect Facebook this should resolve the issue. 

The alternative would be to track these ads using filters and UTM parameters. More on this here

Please let me know if you have any questions on this. 

If you have any questions or concerns with this please do not hesitate to reach out to support by starting a conversation. 

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