What is it?

Affiliates allows marketers to manage and calculate return on ad spend for affiliates.

How it works? Inviting affiliates.

Invite affiliates to join your Attribution affiliate network by clicking the 'invite new affiliate' button to the top right.

Once this is complete an email will be sent to the invited affiliate asking them to join your Attribution affiliate network, once they are accept they'll be stored in your network and you can begin making offers.

Creating offers for your affiliates.

Offers are campaigns with specific requirements that you can offer to your affiliate network. Create an offer by clicking 'create offer' to the top right of the offer's page.

When creating an offer you'll be prompted for the following:

1. The offer name

2. Pay-out locking period

This will allow you to set a time-frame post conversion to accept or decline the conversion. For example, if you set your pay-out locking period to 30 days and one of your affiliates is responsible for a conversion, but the conversion is later refunded in 15 days, you will have 15 days left to approve or decline the payment to the affiliate.

3. Max conversions (how many possible conversions can the affiliate be paid for?)

4. Expiration

5. Allowed promotions (which platforms can the affiliate advertise on? Social, organic, etc.)

Once the offer is created you can add additional requirements, creative assets for the affiliate to use, landing page rules, and payout rules. Finally publish your offer and add some affiliates to go live.

After an offer has been accepted your affiliates can also grab their unique affiliate links by logging into affiliates.attributionapp.com

Measuring your offers.

Click on the 'conversions' tab to the left to break out the success of your offers.

Measuring your affiliates.

Use the 'reports' tab to see the effectiveness of your affiliates while taking in consideration all offers.

Managing payouts.

When a conversion is made it will be posted on the 'payouts' tab to the left, there you can choose to confirm or decline the payment. On the 'payouts' page you'll see your entire payout history as well.

If you have any questions on affiliates please don't hesitate to reach out to support@attributionapp.com

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