The sole purpose of Attribution app is to track your return on ad spend in a multi-touch environment. 

You are welcome to track return on ad spend for qualified leads, sign ups, sales qualified leads and virtually anything else you deem relevant. 

Conversion events:
When installing Attribution app you'll have the opportunity to set your conversion events. 

Conversion events will appear in a drop down menu to the left and correspond with the conversion column on your dashboard. 

In the example above the conversion event is set to 'started trial' and the return on ad spend for this event is being displayed by channel.  

Note: Conversion events that include a '$' icon are conversion events with revenue used to calculate return on ad spend. 

When you integrate a conversion tool like salesforce, pipedrive, or hubspot etc. all stage changes will appear as conversion events. This will allow you to easily track return on ad spend for a specific stage in your pipeline like 'new lead' or 'won deal' etc.

You are also welcome to create custom conversion events by installing attribution.track() more on this here

You should add conversion events anywhere a customer takes an action that you'd like to measure return on ad spend for, examples include, sign up, demo scheduled, deal won etc. 

If you have any questions or concerns about using conversion events please do not hesitate to begin a chat with our team by clicking the icon to the top right of your screen. 

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