On your Attribution dashboard you will see a channel called 'unattributed traffic' this channel presents any traffic that cannot be attributed to any filter (ad campaign) or channel (marketing platform).

Normal attributable traffic would have a visit proceeding an event for which the event could attribute an ad or marketing effort to. 

For example when a visitor clicks on a facebook ad, then lands on your page, a visit is recorded, this visit and the sign up event that occurs would be attributable to the specific facebook ad that created the visit.

Conversions are considered unattributable if no visit occurs prior to an event.  

Here are some reasons why unattributed traffic may occur: 

  1. Attribution's tracking snippet is not properly installed on your landing page so visits are not being recorded. 
  2. Preexisting customers prior to installing attribution are registering events within the selected date range. Since no visit proceeds the event the traffic is unattributable to any specific ad. 
  3. Visitors may be using an ad blocker that prevents the visit from being registered, but the visitor still records an event. 

To address some of these issues

  1. Check your landing pages to see if the snippet is installed. More on this here.
  2. This is reliant on the visitor and cannot but prevented, but should account for a small percentage of traffic. 

If you have any questions on this please feel free to start a chat by clicking the icon to the top right of your screen. 

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