Attribution's primary goal is to provide you with the clearest picture of your return on advertising spend across a multi-touch environment. 

Attribution has a number of integration partners, they all have different benefits, below we can break them into categories. 

When thinking of integrating a tool with attribution there should be a few things to keep in mind:

  1. How does this integration help track or identify visitors?
  2. Will this integration send conversion events to attribution so I can see return on ad spend for this specific event?
  3. Is this integration an ad platform that I'd like attribution to attribute credit to?

Partnership integrations that track, identify, and send conversion events are:

1. Wordpress
2. Shopify
3. Segment
4. Heap 

Partnership integrations that will only send conversion events to attribution are:

1. Pipedrive
2. Hubspot
3. Salesforce
4. Stripe
5. Recurly
6.  Facebook Lead Ads
11. Marketo
12. Zendesk Sell

Partnership integrations for ad platforms are: 

1. Facebook/Instagram
2. Google
3. Twitter
4. Quora
5. Adroll
6. Microsoft Advertising
7. LinkedIn
8. Friendbuy
9. Impact
10. Outbrain

Any other ad platforms can be segmented by utm parameter, referring domain, or path with a custom filter. More on this here. 

If you'd like to send data from Attribution to another tool or integrate with a non partner please speak to 

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