Company based Attribution allows marketers to value their marketing efforts on a group rather than individual level. 

Often a conversion might require the authorization of multiple people and because of this each person might interact with your ads individually. 

Company/Account based Attribution will aggregate all the individual user information including cost, visits, conversions and revenue at the 'company' or 'account' level.

To install you will need to set a unique companyId trait when you identify visitors on your pages. 

Attribution.identify('your_userid_here', { 
  email: '',
  firstName: 'Bob',
  lastName: 'Slydell',
  name: 'Bob Slydell',
  CompanyId: "44231",
  createdAt: new Date() // Note: Only do this once or specify exact datetime

*Please make sure to remove the static values and enter your own before installing

The trait is 'companyId' but you can use it with anything including 'accountId' 

Once that is complete please go to Settings -> Project Settings -> Company Based Attribution -> Yes. 

Company based Attribution is a paid feature so please contact if you're interested. 

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