Attribution app integrates with Adroll so that you can easily see the cost of your Adroll campaigns, visits, conversions and revenue in one simple dashboard.

Adroll is an amazing retargeting platform and if you're retargeting, you need a multi-touch attribution solution. If you don't have an account for Adroll yet, sign up today!

Adding Adroll to your Attribution app Dashboard is simple. Start on the Integrations page in

1) Click the Connect Adroll button


2) Read the Instructions

Attribution app will automatically tag all your Adroll links so you don't have to.


3) Authenticate your Adroll Account


4) Kick back

We'll start tagging your ads right away. Note that Adwords doesn't report cost to us until midnight so your cost data will only be accurate in your dashboard until yesterday.

It is important to note that Attribution app will only track retargeting campaigns and not prospecting or email