Learn how to integrate Attribution and Segment


Attribution has a seamless integration with Segment that will allow us to piggy back on their first-party data to easily build a flexible dashboard for your team.

Simply install Attribution as a destination in Segment to get started.

To integrate Segment, you'll need to copy your Attribution Project ID from the settings page and paste that key into the Attribution app window on the Segment Integrations page.

Video guide

Historical data import

With Segment it's possible to "replay" your existing data into Attribution, however usually it has limited value. The main reason for that is that your traffic needs to properly filtered by Ad Channels - Attribution does this automatically once ad platforms are being connected. Attribution adds tracking parameters to your Ad Platforms and automatically creates filters to track your Ad Campaigns with their spends.

In case of historical import you will need to manually create filters based on your UTM parameters and populate them with Spend amounts - if you don't have capabilities to do that, historical data import will have limited value for being used in attribution models.

Segment bidirectional integration

Attribution support sending back attributed data as user traits back to Segment, for more information please follow Segment Bidirectional Setup guide.

For more information and questions please contact [email protected].