Automatic Currency Conversion

By default Attribution is currency neutral - it means it stores revenue and spend amounts as numeric values as they are reported by Integration or sent by customer. Attribution also supports automatic currency conversion for selected Ad Integrations spend amounts, Conversion Integrations tracked revenue and manually sent events.


Contact Attribution Support to enable this for your project and select the base currency into which other currencies would be converted - we highly recommend doing this before you connect your Ad and/or Conversion Integrations or start sending revenue events.

Common use cases are:

  • You have multiple Google Ads accounts for different regions and your ad spends are in different currencies but you want to see your unified dashboard in USD. In this case your base currency would be USD and ad spend other than USD would be automatically converted into USD.
  • You're running e-commerce website (Shopify for example) and you allow customers to buy in their local currencies. This might result that each purchase (revenue) event would have a revenue value in local currency, in this case you send attach currency property along with revenue and Attribution would convert revenue into your base currency.


  • Attribution only supports converting to and from USD at the moment, e.g. EUR => USD or USD => GBP, but not EUR => CHF for example.
  • Exchange rates are pulled from online source and updated daily, usually these rates are pretty accurate but we can't guarantee that these rates would exactly match used by your organization internally.
  • Attribution is able to automatically detect currency used by next Integrations:
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Shopify
    • Stripe


To enable currency conversion for other than listed above integrations you need to notify Attribution Support which currency your Integration is using and we can setup it up for you.

If you are sending events manually - make sure to send next properties along with event:

  • revenue value in local currency e.g. 11.99;
  • currency must contain 3-letter currency code (ISO 4217, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP) which indicates local currency in which revenue is reported.