Affiliates for marketers

Learn how to create offers for your affiliates and manage conversions/payouts


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Organizing your affiliates in one place

Attribution's affiliates feature provides marketers the ability to organize all of their affiliates in one central location.

To add an affiliate simply:

  1. Click on the 'add new affiliate' button in the affiliate section.
  2. This will prompt you for the affiliates email address.
  3. An email will be sent to the affiliate asking them to join your Attribution affiliates database.
  4. Once the affiliate has accepted the invitation you can begin to make offers.
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Creating offers for your affiliates -- give your affiliates what they need

After you've created a database of affiliates you can begin to start making offers for these affiliates. Offers can be created by navigating to the 'offers' tab to the left side of your screen. Here you will see all your existing offers in either draft, pending, or published status. You can also create additional offers by selecting 'create offer'


On the offers page you will be present with a number of options. Below we will go into a little more detail on the more unique options.


Payout locking - This is the amount of time that must pass after a conversion for the affiliate to get paid out. This can be useful for companies that may deal with a lot of returns. For example, if an 'order paid' conversion occurs in your Shopify store, but is returned one day later, you may not want to make the payout to the affiliate.

Max conversions per affiliate - Set a cap on the amount of conversions a single affiliate can contribute.

Max conversions per visitor - Set a cap on the amount of conversions a single visitor can record. This cap will be set on the visitor, but will affect the payout for the affiliate. For example, if the affiliate has recorded 10 'order paid' conversions for visitor ABC and the cap is set at 10, on the 11th conversion for visitor ABC they would no longer receive any payout.

Optimizing your offers-- setting payout & offer rules

Once you've created an offer you can begin to optimize it prior to publishing it to your affiliates.


You can add action requirements that must be completed prior to a conversion for the affiliate to get credit. Your action requirements will come from conversion events you set in Attribution.



Payout rule is required!

You must set a payout conversion event and payout amount for your affiliates!

You must also add your payout rules. The payout rule will include the event that is required for the affiliate to receive credit as well as the payout value as either a flat rate or a percentage of the conversion amount.


You must also set landing pages for your affiliates to direct traffic to.


Finally you can add additional creative material for your affiliates to access by selecting the 'add creative' button at the bottom of the menu.


Sending your offers to affiliates

Once your offer is published you can begin inviting your affiliates to take advantage of the opportunity.

To do so you can simply select 'manage affiliate access' from there you can click the check boxes to choose which affiliates you'd like to make this offer accessible to.

Conversions & Payouts


You must approve payouts for affiliates to get paid!

Now that you've added your affiliates to your database, created some offers, and invited your affiliates to take advantage of those offers you can begin to see how effective your affiliate campaigns are.

If you select the 'conversions' tab to the left this will show you a list of all your payable conversions, payable conversions would be any conversions where all the offer rules are met. This can be broken out by affiliate, offer, or status.


Finally it is up to you to approve all the payouts. You can do so by clicking the 'payout' tab to the left. There you will see a list of conversions to approve broken out by affiliate.


If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact [email protected]